A matter of thought

2-Biz is set in the world to make attractive fashion clothes for modern women. Today, it also includes lifting our share of the responsibility for contributing to a sustainable world. A world that we can hand over in good conscience to future generations. We see this more as a mindset than a task.

We continuously think about sustainable improvements into everything we do. Both the large and ambitious initiatives such as the industry's relevant certifications and the choice of responsible partners. And the small initiatives that create focus and visibility in everyday life.

It's all about thoughtfulness.

Production with common sense

We know that at 2-Biz we cannot save the whole world with our efforts. So we put our efforts into where they produce the most impact.

Women love 2-Biz for our stylish, well-fitting trousers – and the most popular models are launched in new current colours every season. Therefore, we have chosen that all 2-Biz NOOS pants are OEKO-TEX® certified – and we do not deviate from that.

In our designs we also use lots of beautiful, soft viscose. This made it obvious, among other things, to choose ECOVERO™ viscose from Austrian Lenzing, which bears the EU eco-label. ECOVERO™ viscose doesn't just have a high quality. It is also made from sustainable wood fibres in a proven process of low consumption of water and energy. It costs a little more, but then we take better care of nature.

For the sake of both people and the environment, we have chosen to produce the majority of our clothes in Europe. In this way, we reduce the need for transport and have increased control over the fact that clothes are made under proper working conditions.

The little things that also count

Sustainability is much more than labels and certifications. It's also about keeping an eye on the details that collectively make a difference.

For example, all 2-Biz hangers are made from 80% recycled plastic – a measure that saves the environment many tons of plastic waste annually throughout the fashion industry.

We are also working to make our labels and hang tags 100% sustainable – just as we print our catalogues exclusively on the Swan Label and FSC certified paper.

Our own everyday life is also no exception. For example, if you visit us at the head office in Aarhus, you will find that the lunch we eat is organic, that we sort our waste and that our lighting has now been converted to LED. Every action counts – and we are constantly starting new ones.