Jump into spring in the season's hottest colours and exciting new items that you definitely can't live without. Spring brings plenty of festive events, such as confirmations and weddings, and in general we need to dress in fresh and light styles as it's thankfully starting to get warmer too. The SP22 collection offers great styles for every occasion. Kick off spring with 2-Biz - we promise it'll be colourful and fabulous!


Oeko-Tex®, recycled polyester and EcoVero viscose have become a permanent feature in our collections. You can always count on our NOOS (Never Out of Stock) trousers being Oeko-Tex certified, as are a large proportion of our basic tops. In addition, selected styles are also produced in EcoVero viscose. Read more about our sustainable initiatives here.

In Sync with Pink

The collection is packed with spring's must-have colour - pink! Catch the eye with a full pink outfit or pair it with a great pair of denim trousers.


The collection also offers more subdued and calm colours, such as these shades of blue, which quickly bring to mind a clear sky in the fresh spring.